How to Renew McAfee Activation Subscription?

  • Open www.McAfee.com/activate
  • Full login at McAfee.
  • Pick My Password.
  • Tap on All Expired now to test your subscription all expired.
  • Only, to get all the information about the unexpired subscription, you can select View active.
  • Another choice is-pick the subscription you wish to renew
  • Select Reload Now
  • Fill in all aspects of the Data and others
  • If you have made the payment, the phase of renewal is completed.


McAfee is the easiest and most powerful app for protecting your data and computer from any fraud online. This only protects the system, but also detects the virus, checks all files, and then automatically fixes problems. Since it has too many advanced features and defends the entire system against the virus. It will also let you know which website the virus is suspected for. Render your device, browser and details therefore safe and get it today.


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